University of Louisville Sigma Chi

The Iota Lambda Chapter of Sigma Chi at the University of Louisville received its charter on March 4, 1989.  Even with a young history and a difficult journey to receive a charter, this chapter has worked diligently to gain successes with Sigma Chi and the University of Louisville.

Iota Lambda Chapter of Sigma Chi has won a slew of awards ranging from three of the last seven Fraternity Intramural Champions at the University of Louisville to the Interfraternity Council's Fraternity of the Year Award five out of the last seven years.


The seven Founders

The seven young men who founded Sigma Chi were not ordinary men. They were men of vision, men of courage, men of action. They envisioned something new in fraternities, and sought to transform that vision into reality.

Prior to Sigma Chi's birth, fraternities were based on the proposition that friendships are best formed by men of like minds, talents and personalities. Our Founders, however, believed that true brotherhood could prosper only when men of unlike minds, talents and personalities banded themselves together under a common set of ideals. It was on this precept that Sigma Chi was begun.  

Knowledge of the exemplary lives led by these men is a requisite to gaining an understanding of their ideals and the tremendous contribution they made to our Fraternity.


Notable Members

The Sigma Chi Fraternity has recognized more than 1,500 brothers with the Significant Sig Award since its inception at the 1935 Grand Chapter. Alumni in any profession, occupation or service work are eligible for consideration. 

Any Sigma Chi alumnus or undergraduate may nominate a brother for the Significant Sig award. A nomination consists of a completed nomination form, and a resume or summary of the nominee's past and present occupations and positions, professional and/or civic activities, and honors or awards received. Service to Sigma Chi as an undergraduate or alumnus is not a criterion for this award, and ought not to be listed. If a candidate is selected, a nominator may be asked to assist the alumni services department at International Fraternity Headquarters with coordinating an awards ceremony. Only living members of the Fraternity are eligible to receive the award.

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