The Jordan Standard Scholarship

The Sigma Chi Fraternity, founded in 1855 at Miami University (OH), has the fundamental
purpose of the cultivation, maintenance and accomplishment of the ideals of Friendship, Justice and
Learning within our membership. The standard with which the Fraternity started, which was declared by Isaac M. Jordan, to be that of admitting no man to membership in Sigma Chi who is not believed to be: A man of good character, a student of fair ability, with ambitious purposes, a congenial disposition, possessed of good morals, having a high sense of honor, and a deep sense of personal responsibility.
Here at the Iota Lambda Chapter located at the University of Louisville, we take pride in being
one of the top performing fraternities on campus each year. Whether it be academically, athletically, or through our philanthropic services, Sigma Chi at the University of Louisville puts forth maximum effort and relentless dedication into every aspect of Greek Life. The seven virtues above are what make our success possible, as we hold all members of Sigma Chi to this standard.
Sigma Chi believes it is important to recognize incoming students who not only meet this
standard in their everyday lives, but who go above and beyond striving to become the best men they
can be. The Jordan Standard Scholarship will be awarded to the young men who can exemplify the
virtues that the Sigma Chi Fraternity is based on. The recipients of the award will be honored at the
beginning of the fall semester.
The scholarship is open to all prospective students, and the application is not binding in any
way. The deadline to apply is August 21, 2019. We look forward to seeing your application!

Questions can be directed to:
Alex Hood, Recruitment Chairman
JD Smith, Scholarship Chairman

The Jordan Standard Scholarship Application (Deadline: August 21st)

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